Study MD MS in India : Course, Fees, Admission 2023, Duration, Subjects

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Study MD MS in India : Course, Fees, Admission 2023, Duration, Subjects
Study MD MS in India : Course, Fees, Admission 2023, Duration, Subjects

Specialisation after MBBS - After completing the medical UG degree, aspirants who want to study further usually face a common dilemma about what to study after MBBS. Knowing the best specialisation after MBBS in the early stages will help graduates to make an informed decision.

The country produces the largest number of doctors in the world but when it comes to specialisation after MBBS the number of seats available is even less than half as compared to the number of MBBS seats. The reason is the sprouting of private colleges offering medical undergraduate courses. While the competition at the UG level is tough, with more than 15 lakh candidates competing for approximately 89,395 MBBS seats each year, admission to PG courses is also a tough row to hoe.

Specialisation after MBBS includes around 38844 seats in Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), PG Diploma, and DNB CET for lakhs of candidates who can get admission through various postgraduate entrances annually. Going by the trends, pursuing specialisation after MBBS has become the need of the hour as demand for consulting a specialist for even treating minor ailments is increasing.

In this article candidates can check the entrances to take in order to pursue specialisations after MBBS; the various specialisations available in the country and abroad; some preferred specialisations after MBBS; and specialisation abroad.

Route to pursue specialisation after MBBS

As per Section 10 (D) of the Indian Medical Council Act of 2016, NEET-PG is a single eligibility-cum-entrance examination for admission to various MD/MS, PG Diploma, and DNB CET courses apart from the entrances conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi; JIPMER, Puducherry; PGIMER, Chandigarh; NIMHANS, Bengaluru; and Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum.

Out of these, NEET PG is the largest by any margin, offering admissions to Government and Private medical colleges, as well as the Central and Deemed Universities across all states and union territories. Therefore, qualifying at least one of the above-mentioned entrances becomes mandatory to pursue specialisation after MBBS. A total of 12,690 Master of Surgery (MS), 24,360 Doctor of Medicine (MD), and 922 PG Diploma seats are offered through NEET PG.

The admission to AIIMS PG, JIPMER PG, PGIMER, and NIMHANS institutes will be granted through INI CET. A total of 872 seats in MD, MS, Master of Dental Surgery (MDS), Doctorate of Medicine (DM), and Master of Chirurgiae (MCh) courses are offered through the INI CET exam.

The alternative way of pursuing specialisation after MBBS is to take DNB CET (which is conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE). The DNB qualification is accredited equal to MD and MS courses. The training of these students takes place at various institutions and hospitals.

Postgraduate Medical Degrees - Important skills

Before delving into choosing the specialisation after MBBS, candidates must decide the postgraduate medical degree they should go for. The postgraduate medical education for broad specialties includes courses like MD, MS, PG Diploma, and DNB. With the exception of PG Diploma courses, which are for a duration of two years, the postgraduate medical degree is of three years duration. Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a postgraduate degree in general medicine while Master of Surgery (MS) is a qualification in surgery.

NBE Diplomate of National Board receives hands-on training at the hospitals and the institutions in the specialisation that one has opted for. The curriculum of the postgraduate medical degrees include these components-

  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Practical and clinical skills
  • Thesis skills
  • Attitudes including communication skills
  • Training in research methodology


Course Name Course Type
DM - Infectious Diseases DM
DM - Organ Transplant Anesthesia & Critical Care DM
DM - Critical Care Medicine DM
MD - Thoracic Medicine MD
MD - Sports Medicine MD
MD - Family Medicine MD
MD - Radio Diagnosis/Radiology MD
MD - Aviation Medicine/Aerospace Medicine MD
MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases / Pulmonary Medicine MD
Anaes. & Critical Care Med. MD
MD - Medical Genetics MD
MD - Rheumatology MD
Master of Family Medicine MD
MD - Palliative Medicine MD
Master of Public Health (Epidemiology) MD
MD - Blood Banking & Immune. Haem./Imm. Haem. & Blood Trans. MD
MD - Tropical Medicine MD
MD - Maternity & Child Health MD
MD - Pulmonary Medicine MD
MD - TB & Chest MD
MD - Skin & VD & Lepxsy MD
MD - MD- Skin & VD MD
MD-Transfusion Medicine MD
MD - Immune Hematology & Blood Transfusion MD
MD - Medicine MD
Doctor of Medicine MD
Master's of Physician MD
MD - Pharmacology and Therapeutics MD
MD - Pathology & Microbiology MD
MD (Emergency Medicine) MD
MD - R & D MD
MD - Anaesthesiology MD
MD - Anatomy MD
MD - Aviation Medicine MD
MD - Bio-Chemistry MD
MD - Bio-Physics MD
MD - Community Medicine MD
MD - Dermatology MD
MD - Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology MD
MD - General Medicine MD
MD - Community Health Administration MD
MD - Geriatrics MD
MD - Hospital Administration MD
MD - Health Administration MD
MD - Lab Medicine MD
MD - Microbiology MD
MD - Nuclear Medicine MD
MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology MD
MD - Ophthalmology MD
MD - Paediatrics MD
MD - Pathology MD
MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy MD
MD - Pharmacology MD
MD - Physiology MD
MD - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation MD
MD - Psychiatry MD
MD - Radio Diagnosis MD
MD - Radiology MD
MD - Radiotherapy MD
MD - Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine MD
MD - Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases/Medicine MD
MD - Venereology MD
MS - Obstetrics and Gynaechology MS
MS - Orthopaedics MS
MS - Anatomy MS
MS - General Surgery MS
MS - Ophthalmology MS
MS - Anesthesia MS
MS. - MS. Medicine MS
MS - Neuro Surgery MS
MS - Traumatology and Surgery MS
MD/MS - Anatomy MS
MD/MS - Ophthalmology MS
MD/MS - Obstetrics’ & Gynecology MS